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Chair FAQs

Over the years we have been asked many questions about the Kensington Breastfeeding chair, so we’ve put many of the questions together with answers on this page!  We hope you find it helpful!

The opinions below are mine, based on my own personal experience of using the chair.

First of all, despite reading all of the info on your website about how and why the chair is suitable, I look at the picture of it and I’m not sure what to make of it.  The very fact that it doesn’t have arms for support makes me wonder how comfortable/appropriate it can be when breast feeding? 

I love the chair!  OK, I would say that - but why?  Having used a rocker for my first child, it did take a little while to get used to having no arms.  But having no arms was the premise with which Dr Jones started her design.  She had watched and filmed many women feeding and found that if the arms were in the right place that was great but more often than not they were either too high or too low.  This meant that you either stooped over or the baby was lifted too high.  She decided to remove arms to allow you the flexibility of feeding in whatever position you want without being restricted.  This is great if you use a feeding cushion which I did, or also have a toddler who is trying to sit with you, which I also had!

Secondly, I’ve read about the different fabrics.  For everyday home use, which fabric would you recommend? 

All the fabrics are more than suitable for home use.  In my opinion the main difference is the feel.  The Standard fabric has a slightly ‘bobbly’ feel like an office chair, the Agua Stirata is velour and the Stratford & Avon is a lovely chenille fabric (exclusive to us) – just personal preference which feel you’d prefer!

Do you think the matching stool is a nice to have, or a necessity?

Not wishing to undersell(!) but its not a necessity, some people just feel it's an integral part of the chair purchase and others are not interested.

Can you tell me the dimensions of the chair?

Yes, certainly! 

  • Approx.  Overall Height: 990mm
  • Approx.  Overall Width: 640mm
  • Approx.  Overall Depth: 550mm
  • Approx.  Seat Height: 380mm
  • Approx.  Seat Width: 640mm
  • Approx.  Seat Depth: 460mm
  • Approx.  Back Height: 590mm


Please see illustration below.

Specification of the Kensington Breastfeeding Chair


If breastfeeding doesn’t work out for me, is it still a comfortable chair for bottle feeding/bedtime stories etc? 

Of course!  It's just as good for bottle feeding as it is for breastfeeding and downright for comfy for sitting on generally!

How would you genuinely compare the chair in terms of comfort and practicalities for feeding, to the traditional glider chairs?

In my experience having used a rocker for first child and having a Kensington for the second, I found the Kensington extremely very supportive  - I have had spinal fusion surgery and have titanium rods in my back (eek!) so I'm pretty keen on being sat comfortable and I personally found the chair extremely comfortable.  Dr Lynn Jones designed it with comfort and support in mind which she felt would then ensure a more positive feeding experience for mum and baby.  The lumber support at the back is blown up and down by a little pump under the chair and this allows you snuggle the small of you back into the chair.  The back of the chair itself is not rigid and as a design feature there a few degrees of give which means you're not sat bolt upright, I really love this feature!  These are features you certainly don’t get with a rocker.

If we were to place an order, would we be able to send it back if it wasn’t suitable/what we hoped for?

Yes, we just take a £60 payment to cover the outward and inward courier costs.  Having said that I’ve only had one back in almost 6 years!  Please our Terms & Conditions for further details.

What can we do with the chair once we have finished breast/ bottle feeding?

If you have spoken to me on the phone, you have probably heard me say that the chair is a 'beautiful piece of furniture' which anyone would love to have sat in their lounge, bedroom or any space in their house.  It is a timeless design and if you choose carefully with the colours, you'll be easily able to move it around the house and no-one will know it is a breastfeeding chair!   Mine is sat in the lounge, seven years on and my hubby sits on it with a beer and watches the football!